Facts about the Battle of Stalingrad

This women’s contingent attacked the Germans by firing at lowest possible elevations and managed to destroy 14 aircraft, 3 infantry battalions and 15 vehicles, and no less than 83 tanks before they were all gunned down midair. Ferries and Soviet ships were also sunk.

Almost everyday, the Soviets would have to sneak out of the building in order to push down the pile of enemy corpses, so that the Soviet anti-tank gunners had a clearer view for firing.

Both armies kept losing their grip over Mamayev Kurgan over the next one year, and part of the slope was occupied by the Germans until 26th January 1943 after which they were defeated by the Soviets.

The factory was a key target during the ensuring battle. The defeat of the German forces in this war led to their inevitable retreat from the city.

The Germans, initially began their attack by bombing and annihilating large part of the city’s infrastructure and people. These tanks played a pivotal role in defending the city against the German forces. This blocking of route would also ensure that commodities being delivered from Russia and the Allied forces would be severed.

During this time, the remaining Axis soldiers from the 6th Army, 4th Panzer, and Romanian 4th Army had regrouped to form the short-lived Army Group Don.

Since, Hitler greatly desired to control the oil fields of Baku in the Caucasus, he made the invasion of Stalingrad a part of this conquest. When Germany attacked Russia in June of 1941, Stalin took over the office of Defense Commissar.

On 28th July 1942, the Soviet forces had been issued the Order No. It is 279 feet tall from the tip of the sword to the foot of the statue. Women were trained to become snipers and played a crucial role in gunning down individual targets.

Stalin’s Reaction

Since the Russians were short of trained military personnel, Stalin had ordered that anyone fit enough to hold a rifle would be sent to fight the war.

Pavlov’s House

Whereas, Group B was commanded by Field Marshal Fedor von Bock who along with General Friedrich Paulus’s 6th Army and General Hermann Hoth’s 4th Panzer Army were ordered to seize the Volga flanks and the city.

On the other hand the onslaught of the 6th Army was tremendously successful and caused Hitler to order the 4th Panzer Army to join Group A. Even though this hill was a burial ground for Tartars, the German 6th Army captured this hillock on 13th September 1942.

Hitler devised a two-pronged attack through the Army Group South, which was to capture the oil fields in Baku as well as the city of Stalingrad, via the Volga and Don rivers. Group A had successfully destroyed two important Russian pockets in the northeast sector of Kharkov and Rostov Oblast by 2nd July 1942.

Operation Uranus and Little Saturn

Group B was also split into two, wherein 4th Panzer Army was to invade from the South through Voronezh, occupy Don river and enter Stalingrad. General Field Marshal Erich von Manstein was assigned the task of breaching the encirclement and making an opening towards the captive German 6th Army. The Germans were shocked to recover the bodies of women from crash sites.

The Pavlov’s House was named in honor of Russian Sergeant Yakov Pavlov, under whose command the building was defended by his platoon during the Battle of Stalingrad. Back then, The Motherland Calls was the tallest sculpture in the world. Under this order, the commanders were not allowed to retreat without permission, and those who defied this rule would be liable to face a military tribunal.

On 25th July, the Germans sent its formidable air command Luftflotte 4, which under the command of Generaloberst Wolfram von Richthofen, bombarded the city as well as the Volga. The Germans were also forced to withdraw and move back 250 km away from Stalingrad. The Mamayev Kurgan hill has 200 steps leading to the statue, which symbolize the number of days of the Battle of Stalingrad.

The Red Army’s Operation Uranus was launched on 19th November 1942 by Georgy Zhukov and A. Reinforcements were not sent to the German 6th Army, which by then was running low on fuel, food, supplies, and patience.

Thereafter, the Germans attacked the Railway Station No. The infantry division of the Army Group South had to be sent specifically to Voronezh in order to free the 4th Panzer Army and thus, delayed the plan to occupy the Stalingrad-facing right bank of Don river by two crucial days.

Operation Winter Storm was a failed attempt by the German 4th Panzer Army to free the German 6th Army which had been encircled by the Soviets after Operation Uranus. M. On 22nd January 1943, his request to surrender was struck down by Hitler.

After the successful completion of operation Uranus, the Red Army captured and encircled over 265,000 enemy troops including 40,000 German Hiwi volunteers or Soviet traitors from all around Stalingrad.

Mamayev Kurgan and Railway Station No.1

It came as a major shock to Joseph Stalin when Hitler invaded Russia. The Battle of Stalingrad (23rd August 1942 – 2nd February 1943) proved to be the turning point of the ongoing war in Europe. Under the command of Alexander Rodimtsev, the 13th Guards showed great tactical skills and were successful at recapturing the hill on 16th September.

Bravery of Russian Women Pilots and Soldiers

During this time, the Red Army executed a counterstrike which resulted in the entrapment of the 4th Panzer Army. On 1st August 1942, Marshall Andrei Yeremenko was appointed to command the Southeastern Front. The attempts by the Russian army to establish defense lines were foiled twice, as they found themselves outflanked each time. He along with Commissar Nikita Krushchev formed the 62nd Army, which was solely responsible for safeguarding the city of Stalingrad.

Approximately 75,000 women and young girls were recruited from Stalingrad for military training. 1 incessantly. The attack came from the northern sector of the city, one that was least expected by the Soviets.

On 28th June 1942, the German Group A attacked the southern parts of Russia through the vast stretch of steppes. Hitler also wanted to ensure that the material being delivered under America’s ‘Lend-Lease’ or ‘An Act to Further Promote the Defense of the United States’ to Russia would not be allowed to pass through the Persian Corridor.

By 26th January, the Germans had stationed their men at the northern and southern pockets of Stalingrad, which were under the command of General Walter Heitz and Paulus respectively. These women showed extraordinary courage in the line of fire. The tanks were usually manned by the very workers who had volunteered to assemble them at the workshop.

Most often, these tanks were used without paint and sometimes even lacking gun sights. Most of the city was turned to dust and several factories were completely destroyed. This four-story house oversaw the city’s 9th January Square and was situated near the Volga river. This Buzzle article endeavors to present a few startling facts about the Battle of Stalingrad.. Soon the northern flank of Stalingrad was captured from the defending Romanian 3rd Army and the very next day, the Red Army successfully captured the southern flank of the city from the Romanian 4th Army Corps as well.

Why was Stalingrad Attacked?

One of the crucial battles of World War II was fought for the control of Stalingrad, a city located in southwestern Soviet Union (now Russia). Pavlov destroyed close to 12 tanks by mounting a PTRS-41 anti-tank rifle on the roof of the building.

German Army Group South

The Beginning of The Battle of Stalingrad

The Stalingrad Tractor Factory had been converted into a makeshift factory for making and assembling T-34 tanks. He was assured that all prisoners would be provided medical aid and given the option of repatriation. Vasilevsky, who assigned Gen. The Germans had finally surrendered and the Soviets had won the Battle of Stalingrad.

Did you know…… By 1955, only around 6,000 prisoners returned to Germany, while the others died while serving their sentence. However, the Soviets sent their 13th Guards Rifle Division, on 14th September, to carry out an immediate counterattack. This would have served as dual-edged sword that could be used as a means of supremacy propaganda by the Germans.

His second objective was to wrest control of the Volga River, which was a major route for commercial trade and transport between northern Russia and the Caspian Sea. Nikolay Vatutin to carry out the mission. The final objective was for both the contingents of Group B to reunite in Stalingrad and entrap the 62nd and 64th Armies of the Soviet forces.

Hitler wanted to attack Stalingrad because he wanted to destroy the industries in and around the city and seize the city that was named after the leader of Soviet Russia. This operation was named Fall Blau or Case Blue and later renamed as Operation Braunschweig. that when the Germans used wire nets to secure their windows against grenades, the Soviets cleverly attached fishhooks on their grenades, which effectively clung to the enemy nets!

While the city of Stalingrad was being attacked, its citizens were not allowed to leave, since their presence ensured greater resistance against the Germans from the Red Army as well as civilians. On 23rd August 1942, the German 16th Panzer Division destroyed the factory and put an indefinite end to the manufacture of tanks for the Red Army. The army was split into Group A and B.

The Group A was commanded by General Field Marshal Wilhelm List, who was to march the 17th Army, 1st Panzer Army, and his own contingent towards the Caucasus.

Simultaneously, Group B’s 4th Panzer Army and Hungarian 2nd Army had launched ‘The Battle of Voronezh’ on 28th June 1942. The estimated casualties suffered by both sides culminated to between 1.7-2 million and thus recorded the Battle of Stalingrad was indeed one of the bloodiest battles to have been waged during World War II.

The hill of Mamayev Kurgan in Stalingrad witnessed some of the heaviest fighting during the war. Some went head-on into the battlefield as machine gunners, scouts, and mortar handlers. However, many did manage to escape via the Volga.

On 16th December 1942, the Soviets launched their second successful counterattack, Operation Little Saturn, which intended to separate German Army Group A, from the rest of the Axis forces. It was sculpted by Yevgeny Vuchetich and engineered by Nikolai Nikitin. 227 of ‘Not a Step Back!’ by Joseph Stalin, which was to become the slogan of resistance among the comrades. The Germans were being pushed towards the Volga and had very few functional tanks to execute a strong enough attack.

The Soviets tried to bargain with General Friedrich Paulus, so as to make him surrender. However, this decision led to a major traffic jam wherein both the 4th and the 6th Army could not find sufficient roads and space to transport their men, machines, and material.

The Motherland Calls monument was erected in 1967 on Mamayev Kurgan. Nonetheless, Paulus did not heed this offer. On 27th January, the southern pocket was defeated and Paulus was captured. The Soviet forces attacked Italian, Ravenna, and Cosseria pockets, which led to their withdrawal from certain areas. On 12th December 1942, the Germans took the Soviets by surprise and captured the areas around Verkhne-Kumskiy.

German Surrender and Red Army’s Victory

Approximately, 91,000 soldiers were made Prisoners of War (POW). Mines were planted all around the building which made its extremely risky for the Germans to advance with their tanks. The ensuing battle led to the death of approximately 1,798,619 individuals which included civilian and military casualties from both sides. The Germans captured this building in September 1942, however, the13th Guards Rifle Division’s platoon recaptured the building on 25th September and defended it until 25th November 1942.

Sergeant Yakov Pavlov ordered that the building be protected with four layers of barbed wire. During this time, Stalin fell into massive depression because of being betrayed by someone who he believed was an ally. The sloppiness of the situation made Hitler rethink his earlier decision and he ordered the 4th Panzer Army to revert to its original plan of attacking Stalingrad.

Stalingrad Tractor Factory

At the same time, more volunteers from all across Russia and Siberia were being rushed to Stalingrad in order to lend a helping hand in the ensuring battle. The Germans and their allies invaded Stalingrad (city was later renamed Volgograd) on 23rd August 1942. Whereas, the 6th Army was to enter Stalingrad from the West. Paulus was promoted to the rank of General Field Marshal on 30th January and was expected not to surrender until, either he was killed or committed suicide. Women nurses not only helped in treating the injured but also helped in evacuating the wounded from the enemy lines.

As a result, the entire entourage and their planned advance was delayed by an entire week. Even though several tanks were almost instantaneously destroyed by the German forces, the Stalingrad Tractor Factory kept producing as many tanks as possible in order to compensate for the lack of skilled military manpower and offensive strategy.

By the end of July 1942, the 6th Army had reached the outskirts of the city of Stalingrad, and the 4th Army was on its way to provide reinforcement to help occupy the city.

During this time, Stalin stationed armies to defend Stalingrad. By 2nd February the northern pocket also surrendered. Women and children were also made to work, and helped in building trenches and bunkers for the Soviet forces.

The destruction of the Pitomnik German airfield and Gumrak between 16-22 January 1943, ensured that the Germans could no longer count on delivery of supplies and airlifting of the injured. On 5th July, the 4th Panzer Army under the command of Hermann Hoth, captured the western bank of Don River, which back then was only 64 km apart from the Volga River.

Many of these women worked as telephone operators who had to control the signal posts under heavy gunfire. He believed that if the city of Stalingrad was captured it would be easier to seize the northern and western territories around it.

This attack on Stalingrad Tractor Factory led to the emergency deployment of the 1077th Anti-aircraft Regiment which consisted entirely of volunteer women pilots.

With no training on how to tackle ground targets and no other support units, the women pilots faced the incoming Germans head-on. The Russian forces stuck to their guns and ensured that the German army was eventually cornered and outnumbered

Lionel Messi Vs. Cristiano Ronaldo

His pace and strength are major factors in his game, allowing him to hold on to the ball under challenges and slip away from markers, while he also has an unusually strong heading ability for a player in his position. He leads Barcelona’s historic scoring charts in total goal scored, total competitive goals scored, total league goals scored, as well as total European goals scored.

Here’s a look at their individual careers.

Honors: La Liga: 2004-05, 2005-06, 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2012-13; Copa del Rey: 2008-09, 2011-12; Spanish Super Cup: 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013; UEFA Champions League: 2005-06, 2008-09, 2010-11; UEFA Super Cup: 2009, 2011; FIFA Club World Cup: 2009, 2011; Olympics Football (with Argentina): 2008; FIFA U-20 World Cup (with Argentina): 2005

Both these players are remarkably durable; Messi’s fitness was boosted through meticulous planning and attention from Guardiola, while Ronaldo is rarely ever injured. However, he is remarkably ambidextrous, comfortable passing or shooting with his left foot; he has, on occasions, even taken free kicks with his left foot. Though he was initially unhappy about the positioning, Messi became known as one of the world’s best young players, playing as a right winger alongside Ronaldinho. In the same Champions League campaign, he also became the first player to score a goal in the Champions League final for two winning teams, also having scored in United’s 2008-09 win.

Did You Know?Ronaldo has the player rating of 92 in the popular video game FIFA 14. It was under Pep Guardiola, though, that Messi started to achieve legendary status. Ronaldo really became the goalscoring machine he is now when Ferguson allowed him a free role in his United side around 2008. He became the undoubted ace at Madrid, and has scored at a rate of more than a goal per game since joining the Spanish giants. Ronaldo has adopted a ‘knuckleball’ technique on his freekicks, whereas Messi’s freekicks are more regulation-action; both are equally prolific on free kicks. Guardiola converted the skimpy Argentine into a ‘false nine’, charged with nominally leading the line but regularly dropping back, creating space for his teammates due to the movement of defenders following him upfield. Both take their respective team’s penalties, and both are the focus of the team’s attacking play.

Messi is renowned for his close control, dribbling, and deadly finishing. He also equaled Jose Altafini’s record of scoring 14 goals in a single Champions League campaign in 2011-12.

As former Real manager Jose Mourinho once said, the two would undoubtedly have won ten Ballon d’Or awards each had they been born in separate eras. Fortunately for him and millions of football fans, Barcelona reached out to him in his native Argentina, and signed him up, agreeing to pay for his medication.

Under manager Frank Rijkaard, Messi played as a right winger so that he could cut in on to his stronger foot instead of having to constantly cross for his teammates. It was mainly his move to Spain to the rivals of Barcelona, Lionel Messi’s club, that has led to constant comparison between the two.

Clubs: Sporting Lisbon (2002-2003), Manchester United (2003-2009), Real Madrid (2009-present)

Position: Striker, Right Winger

Honors: English Premier League: 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09; FA Cup: 2003-04; FA Community Shield: 2007; League Cup: 2005-06, 2008-09; UEFA Champions League: 2008-09, 2013-14; FIFA Club World Cup: 2009; La Liga: 2011-12; 2010-11, 2013-14; Spanish Super Cup: 2012

At the age of 26, he is already the record goalscorer in the history of Barcelona. Ronaldo and Messi occupy the footballing ionosphere, lying heads and shoulders above everyone else. Manchester United’s manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, bought Ronaldo to replace the outgoing David Beckham, and played a very influential role in his development into one of the world’s best players.

Slowly blossoming into the all-conquering superstar, Ronaldo came into his own in 2007-08, topping the Premier League scoring charts with 31 goals. Since joining Madrid, Ronaldo has broken countless scoring records and has more than kept up with Messi. He is one of the most supreme athletes on the planet, let alone the footballing world. Between them, the two have won the last 6 Ballon d’Or / FIFA World Player of the Year / FIFA Ballon d’Or awards, underlining their supremacy over the rest of the footballing world. Messi is the highest ranked, with 94.

All statistics accurate as of June 20, 2014.

Football fans today are blessed to be enjoying an era filled with legendary players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Luis Surez, Arjen Robben, Robin van Persie, Sergio Agero, Yaya Tour, Gareth Bale, Neymar, Andrea Pirlo, etc. He is renowned for his free-kick taking, passing, dribbling, heading, and shooting abilities. This led to a massive boost in his performances, and he was soon knocking down numerous scoring records.

The main hurdle left in the way of both players is a lack of major achievements on the international stage. Many retired players, such as Zinedine Zidane, have praised his hard work ethic, and former professional bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger has expressed praise for Ronaldo’s physique. He has scored 354 goals in 425 appearances and 243 league goals in 277 appearances for Barcelona’s senior team. Though Ronaldo has finished as a UEFA Euro runner-up and bronze medalist with Portugal and Messi has won the Olympic football tournament with Argentina, both players remain lacking in major, influential performances in the World Cup. He also broke Messi and Altafini’s 14-goal record in the Champions League in 2013-14, scoring 17. While it’s a bit unfair, given the high number of assists Ronaldo usually registers, it is Messi who is lauded as being a team player.

Both are the undoubted stars at their respective clubs, Messi at Barcelona and Ronaldo at Real Madrid. His powerful shooting is a big part of his game, which often centers around cutting in from the left wing and shooting at goal with his right foot. At least one of the two has also been part of the winning team in the UEFA Champions League for four of the last seven tournaments.

Full Name: Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro

Birth: February 5, 1985, in Funchal, Madeira

Ronaldo is famous for his exacting fitness regimen. His finishing and passing abilities were also honed by his unique role in Barcelona’s system. Messi has won it four times. The two have different attributes, different roles, and different temperaments, which makes comparing them pointless. His style of play and short height have drawn inevitable comparisons with Argentine legend Diego Maradona.

Cristiano Ronaldo. Breaking each other’s records comes as naturally to these two as pretending to not care about the rivalry between them.

Position: Right Winger, Left Winger, infrequently Second Striker

Full Name: Lionel Andrs Messi

Birth: June 24, 1987, in Rosario

His array of skills is just as famous as his physique. Though he lacks the height of Ronaldo, he has an excellent heading technique, perhaps most famously seen in his goal in the 2009 Champions League Final against Ronaldo’s United. Where Ronaldo’s greatness lies is having a comparable scoring ratio in spite of having played as a winger for the early part of his career, and not being the prime attacking outlet for his team for much of his career. In this case, the numbers are so ridiculously close that in the end it comes down to personal choice, and this writer falls in the Ronaldo camp.

As far as popularity is concerned, Ronaldo’s frighteningly regular goalscoring exploits have made him one of the most popular sportspersons in the world, but Messi’s humility and easy charm has made him more likable. He has received sprinting lessons from 100-meter World Record holder Usain Bolt. However, two names always come up in football debates as the best two players in the world right now. He also holds the record of scoring the most goals in a calendar year, breaking Gerd Mller’s record of 85 by scoring a scarcely believable 91 goals in 2012. After winning the 2008-09 Champions League with United, Real Madrid came calling for the star, like they had for Beckham. Though not the ideal athlete a la Ronaldo, Messi’s low height is beneficial for his style of play, as his low center of gravity allows him to change directions swiftly. He has been called “the complete player” by his former coach and mentor Sir Alex Ferguson.

Lionel Messi

Clubs: Barcelona (2003-present, including spells in Barcelona ‘C’ and ‘B’ teams)

The star of Lionel Messi came close to being extinguished before it could even light up. It is a widely held theory that the two need to win or dominate a World Cup in the fashion of Maradona or Pele to be considered the best of all time.

Ronaldo shot to fame as a precocious youngster in the famed academy setup of Sporting Clube de Portugal, known outside Portugal as Sporting Lisbon. Since arriving in Madrid, where he became the prime focus of the team’s attacking play, he has scored 252 goals in just 246 appearances! In just 5 seasons at Real Madrid, he has already jumped to #4 on the all-time scoring charts at Real.

As mentioned before, either Messi or Ronaldo has won the prize awarded to the best player in the world for the last six years. Diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency, Messi came close to having to quit his football career because he was simply too scrawny for the game, however outrageously talented. The next year, he scored in the Champions League Final to give Manchester United the lead against Chelsea. This is crucial in today’s hectic football calendar.

Both are known for their finishing and dribbling abilities, as well as being dead ball experts

Vidal Sassoon Photos and Images

15, 2011.Wed, 9 May 2012

PHOTO: Vidal Sassoon attends the Los Angeles premiere of ” Vidal Sassoon The Movie” at the Hammer Museum’s Billy Wilder Theater in Los Angeles, Feb. 15, 2011.

. PHOTO: Vidal Sassoon attends the Los Angeles premiere of “Vidal Sassoon The Movie” at the Hammer Museum’s Billy Wilder Theater in Los Angeles, Feb

Black Ops Five Zombies – Perks and Magic Box

Once you take the large elevator in the big computer room with balconies, you will arrive in the labs or basement… The speed cola is in the hallway next to the wall, near the elevator. It may be a bit difficult to find down here, however, it gets easier once you understand the layout of the labs. There is also a special round where a doctor tries to steal one of your weapons. Look through the windows, and for a yellow light over a box.

The magic box is the whole way down in the labs. Use the elevator on the top floor where you start.

Double Tap- The double tap can only be accessed by using the elevator in the office. Also known as the Pentagon. Look for a green machine

Magic Box Beginning Location (RANDOM PLACE IN BASEMENT LABS)

These next two perks are in the big computer room with balconies

Order of closest

Juggernaut – The juggernaut is in the same area of the double tap, but you need to open the barricade on the stairs. Usually, a wall breaks next to the quick revive where zombies come in. Opening one of the two white doors in this office will automatically open them both. The machine is yellow.

Description – Revives fallen team mates faster

This article will explain where the perks are located, the cost of each, and description of each, on the zombie map called five. The quick revive is a blue machine. The juggernaut is a red machine.

Description – Allows much faster reload

Cost – 3000 points

The magic box is always random, and will be somewhere in one of these rooms in the labs. Then you have to open the barricade below those stairs in this room to access the other side. Both elevators need to be used, along with opening many barricades. At the end of this room, there is a quick revive. When the elevator door opens, the double tap is right next to the elevator.

Cost – 2000 Points

Description – Weapons fire much faster when used

Quick Revive- This is very easy to find. Look for a yellow light in the rooms. Cost -1500 Points

Cost – 2500 Points

Description – Allows the player to take more hits before falling down

Speed Cola- The speed cola is located on the same floor of the quick revive.(where you spawn) However, doors need to be opened in the room. Sometimes only one wall will break on the side. (in room 3) There are no demon dog rounds on this map.. There are two elevators, and teleporters used to move across on different levels. This map has three distinct levels on it. The perks can not be used right away as the power needs to be activated first. The teleporters are activated via the power located on the bottom level labs. Your going to need money to open one of the doors. When you first spawn, move to the right hallway

Xavi, Iniesta, Messi y Busquets serán los capitanes

La plantilla del Barcelona eligi el pasado martes quines seran esta campaa los representantes del vestuario y, tal como se esperaba, Xavi toma el relevado del retirado Carles Puyol como primer capitn.

Barcelona Xavi Hernndez, Andrs Iniesta, Lionel Messi y Sergio Busquets, por este orden, sern los nuevos capitanes del Barcelona para la temporada 2014-15, segn ha confirmado esta tarde el club azulgrana.

Andrs Iniesta, tercer capitn el ao pasado, pasa a ocupar la segunda capitana, que ostentaba el meta Vctor Valds, ahora sin equipo, y acceden por primera vez al estatus de capitanes Messi y Busquets.

CORRECTING and REPLACING beIN SPORTS Renews Broadcast Rights for La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1

For more information, please visit www.beinsports.tv.

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The corrected release reads:


beIN SPORTS announces multiyearrenewals of top soccer leagues in Spain, Italy, and France

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We at beIN SPORTS are thrilled to announce the renewal of these three great competitions, and we are very happy that we will continue to provide sports fans with the worlds best sporting events, said Yousef Al-Obaidly, Deputy CEOof beIN Media Group. The top matches to watch this season include three time defending champions Juventus vs. and is offered on 9 of the largest 10 cable/satellite TV providers in the U.S., as well as other systems across the country. This season kicks off on August 21stwith a full slate of ten matches. With beIN SPORTS CONNECT, authenticated subscribers can also enjoy all the exciting action from the two networks and stream live overflow matches offered in HD on your computer, tablet or smartphone. .

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Serie A, Italys first division soccer league, will kick off on August 22nd. Launched in 2012, beIN SPORTS is the fastest growing international sports network in the U.S. last years runner up Roma on August 30th, as well as the Milan Derby, where city rivals AC Milan and Inter Milan go head to head on September 13th. 18, 2015, the spelling of Yousef Al-Obaidly has been corrected; third graph, last sentence, the date has been changed to November 22.

Known as the league of the stars, La Liga is the top football league in Spain, with star studded talent including Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., James Rodriguez and Luis Suarez.


beIN SPORTS USA is the international sports network. Highlights for the upcoming schedule include the always anticipated El Clasico matchup, where Spains top teams, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, go head to head on November 22ndat the Santiago Bernabu Stadium in Madrid. In addition to soccer, beIN SPORTS serves as a haven to fans of motorsports, tennis, rugby, volleyball and boxing, among others.

beIN SPORTS announces multiyearrenewals of top soccer leagues in Spain, Italy, and France


MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Second graph, first sentence of release dated Aug.

beIN SPORTS will cover all matches from these leagues across its family of networks, beIN SPORTS, beIN SPORTS en Espaol, and beIN CONNECT – the live streaming platform than can carry up to 11 live matches or events. All matches from these leagues will be available on beIN SPORTS, beIN SPORTS en Espaol and beIN SPORTS CONNECT, the networks live streaming platform. Experts also discuss, react, and preview all of the happenings in the world of soccer on The Locker Room, which airs weekly

Vidal: “Sí, fui al casino y tomé dos tragos”

Un juez chileno orden liberar al futbolista Arturo Vidal con medidas cautelares.

El juzgado deSan Bernardo retuvo la licencia de conducir del jugador y declar que se llevar a cabo una investigacin durante 12o das por el accidente que ocasion Vidal a bordo de su Ferrari en la noche del martes, segn reporta CNN Chile.

Tambin este mircoles, el director tcnico de la seleccin chilena, Jorge Sampaoli, manifest su apoyo al jugador. El jugador no sufri heridas de gravedad.

Vidal deber presentarse cada mes alconsulado de Miln.

(CNN Espaol) – En una declaracin leda a los medios, el jugador de ftbol de la seleccin de Chile, Arturo Vidal, afirm entre lgrimas que s haba consumido alcohol antes de su accidente en la noche de este martes.. Vidal est habilitado para jugar este viernes contra Bolivia, pues Sampaoli no lo expuls de la nmina.

El futbolista chileno Arturo Vidal fue detenido en la noche de este martes por conducir bajo los efectos del alcohol, inform CNNChile.

La rueda de prensa de Vidal, desde Juan Pinto Durn en la capital chilena, se produce despus de que un juzgado se pronunciara sobre el caso de Vidal

Vidal se accident en su Ferrari rojo en Santiago cuando iba camino al lugar de la concentracin de ‘La Roja’