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The cup was won by the host nation, who were also Olympic Champions at that time.

FIFA World Cup Facts, Records, and Statistics

Fifa world cup fact

The inaugural edition of the FIFA World Cup was held in 1930, and was hosted by Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Regardless of which country ends up with the coveted trophy, this tourney…

FIFA Rankings 2012

The latest FIFA rankings take into account the matches that were played in Euro 2012, besides others. Here’s some facts and trivia for those of you who fancy themselves as thesauruses of football trivia.

FIFA 2014 World Cup Predictions: Teams Most Likely to Win

FIFA 2014 world cup home team and dates

2014 has arrived, and with it the excitement of the FIFA World Cup. Since then, we’ve had 20…

2014 FIFA World Cup Schedule and Results

2014 FIFA World Cup schedule

At an estimated cost of a whopping USD 14 billion, the 2014 FIFA World Cup was by far the most expensive World Cup tournament ever. Let’s have a look what these rankings have in store for us this time.

FIFA World Cup History

The history of the Soccer World Cup can be traced to 1930, when the first competition was held in Uruguay. Chatter has already increased about various odds and which team is most likely to win. It has had countless matches that have gone down in folklore as some of the greatest ever football battles. Here’s more about the best World Cup games ever seen.

Soccer World Cup Trivia Questions and Answers

Soccer world cup trivia

The FIFA World Cup is upon us, and soccer, or football, is the flavor of the month. Since then, it is held once every four years; the only exception being the brief break in 1940s, wherein proceedings were…

2010 FIFA World Rankings

As a result of winning the just concluded FIFA World Cup of 2010, Spain has topped the latest FIFA World Rankings that have been released…

Spain Win FIFA World Cup 2010

European champions Spain scored in extra time to beat the Netherlands by a single goal and lift the FIFA World Cup 2010 trophy. Germany won against Uruguay to take third place…

FIFA World Cup Fun Facts

Hit by the football fever? Good! Let it hit some more with some FIFA World Cup fun facts compiled in the following article.

. 32 national teams gathered all across Brazil will be vying for the most important prize in soccer….

Top FIFA World Cup Matches of All Time

Top FIFA World Cup match of all time - Italy vs West Germany

The World Cup is the biggest football gala in the world

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Playing dodgeball is easy. Here’s some tips on how to lower the stress, and increase your chances of looking good!

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After signing your child up for T-Ball or Coach Pitch, you may be wondering what kind of equipment your beginning ball player will need. If left unchecked, evaporation can affect the pool’s chemical balance as well as…

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Baseball is America’s pastime, and hitting a round ball with a round bat is extremely difficult. Here we look at strategies to succeed in all aspects of the game.. Get to know us a bit by reading what everyday people have to say about Sports and Recreation, and Football (Soccer). It is a great and fun game requiring no particular skill set