Mexican president signs money laundering law


. Senate said that in 2007 and 2008 the Mexican affiliate of the HSBC group introduced $7 billion dollars in cash into the financial system of that country without considering the source or characteristics of the transactions.

Calderon said that during his term in office, Mexico “has waged an unprecedented war in favor of legality, justice and freedoms” of which these regulations are a part.

In Mexico, authorities fined HSBC 379 million pesos ($27.6 million) for reporting too late almost 2,000 unusual operations and omitting another 39, presumably related to money laundering, and for administrative failures detected between 2007 and 2008. It has acted outside of all political considerations or any short-term interests,” he said.

The federal law for the prevention and identification of operations with funds from illicit sources will enable this to be done through several new mechanisms, including a special unit to fight money laundering that will be part of the Deputy Attorney General’s Office of Specialized Organized Crime Investigations, or Siedo, an agency of the federal Attorney General’s Office, he said.

For his part, Finance Secretary Jose Antonio Meade said that with the new law against money laundering, Mexico will “improve its international rating with the Financial Action Task Force.”

The law also bans cash transactions in certain real estate operations with a value higher than 1 million Mexican pesos (about $77,519) or in the buying and selling of vehicles worth more than 200,000 pesos ($15,504).

In a ceremony at the presidential residence, Calderon, who leaves office in December, said it was “essential to fight organized crime, particularly crime that is organized multinationally, in the very heart of its activities – in the flow of money that gives it the power to corrupt authorities, to intimidate citizens and to expand its illicit activities.”

Mexican President Felipe Calderon signed into law Tuesday a new statute dealing with money laundering designed to halt the flow of the $12 billion-$13 billion that, according to legislative estimates, are moved in the country illegally every year.

The law comes a few months after a report by the U.S. The law also establishes a limit on cash transactions and those linked to gambling, contests and lotteries, as well as the issuing of, or trading in, non-bank credit cards and travelers checks.

The new law “adopts the most advanced international criteria in the world of money laundering,” Calderon said, vowing that these efforts would be maintained.

In the case of jewelry, precious metals, watches, gemstones and works of art, cash payments are restricted to prices below 300,000 pesos (about $23,256).

He said that when he became president in December 2006, there was a “systemic deterioration” that has been reversed as institutions have been transformed.

“The government has acted strongly because that is its duty

El Nino exposes shipwrecked floating gambling casino on Coronado Beach

Low tides on Saturday showed the outline of the ship that has been there for 80 years.

When it finally did crash on the beach here in a vicious storm, every minister in the land took credit for it, Ditler told CBS8 news. They did not approve of the gambling going on and prayed that it would crash on the shores. Luckily, a few pieces, like a bar stool and a menu have ended up in a museum. He still has two silver dollars as a souvenir that he found in a drawer on the ship. Over time, the rest of the ship slowly deteriorated and collapsed into the sand. They were outraged by the ship that was anchored in international waters off Coronado Beach to avoid US Laws, reports NBC San Diego on Thursday. Joe Ditler, a historian that has been studying the ship for years stated that people would take a water taxi out to it.

A 300-foot ship that wrecked on the shores of Coronado Beach after a storm has been buried under the sand for years, but with the help of El Nino, the floating gambling casino has become exposed again. Colonel Richard Kenney, 92, who was interviewed on the show said that he was 16-years-old when he saw the ship. Most of the time only a few parts of the ship are exposed and usually goes unnoticed by people on the beach. . The Monte Carlo was one of three ships anchored off the shores of Coronado back in the 1930s.

In the 1930s the ship was called by local evangelists the Sin Ship.

Local KPBS Ken Kramer did a great story on the ship for his “Ken Kramers About San Diego” TV show. It seems to blend into the natural landscape of the sand that makes it unrecognizable for those that don’t know it is there, but on Saturday low tides brought on by El Nino have exposed more of the ship and there is no doubt that is is there, and many that are discovering it are taking time to explore and walk the outline. He said that after two days most of the ship had been ransacked and not much was left

BrightShare and TexoMobile Team for Ground Breaking Affiliation Partnership for Wild Jack Mobile Casino | Reuters

Copyright 2008, Market Wire, All rights reserved.-0-. BrightShare works exclusively with the JackpotFactory Group and is fully devoted to the success of its affiliates. Wild Jack has paid outover $900 million in winnings since its launch and is dedicated toproviding its players with safe, enjoyable and highly credible gamblingexperiences in both the web and wireless environments. As always with TexoMobile, we have listened toour wapmasters and given them something they know their communities want.” Robbie Guy, Marketing Manager for Wild Jack Mobile Casino commented, “As aworld leading mobile casino, we’re delighted that our outreach will beextended further through this partnership. Wild Jack Mobile Casino’s award winning application boasts one of the bestand easiest to use interfaces and uniquely allows all transactions to beconducted via the mobile. Teaming with the immensely successfulTexoMobile network is a significant move and we look forward to a long andbeneficial partnership.” “We are very excited to work with an affiliation network likeBrightShare,” said Vianney Settini, CEO of TexoMobile. “Wild Jack MobileCasino, together with BrightShare, is well positioned to offer end-usersand affiliates an ultimate offering. TexoMobile’sclients can be guaranteed a superb service from WJMC and BrightShare, wehope that this partnership flourishes and that many more people can enjoyWild Jack Mobile Casino.” About BrightShare: Founded in 2002, the BrightShare Network is a leading online casinoaffiliate program, featuring extensive reporting capabilities and offeringamong the highest commission levels in the industry with its uniquesix-level structure. Formore information, please visit “Wild Jack MobileCasino’s game play is world class and will definitely be something thatour end-users will love. TexoMobile has some 20,000 wapmaster members in its MobPartner scheme,which provides a community forum and a crucially central network tocentralise all members’ affiliates, stats and earnings into a convenientinterface. About TexoMobile: TexoMobile is a creator of mobile communities such as also manages the largest wapmaster community on the mobileinternet with In terms of users TexoMobile, has the largest mobile community in France and is rapidlygrowing in markets as diverse as the USA, South Africa, India, Indonesiaor South America. “The expected, and potential, growth of mobile casinos is vast,” saidCandice Evans, Mobile Account Manager of BrightShare. A proud member of the Jackpot FactoryGroup, WJMC is an extension of the successful online entertainment andgambling website, which has been providing high qualityonline gambling experiences to players since 1999. TexoMobile is open to any industry leaders or mobileinnovators who have money making program for Wapmasters and wish to workwith MobPartner. LONDON, Aug 04 (MARKET WIRE) — BrightShare Ltd., the exclusive affiliate network of the Jackpot Factorytoday announced a partnership with TexoMobile, enabling independentwapmasters to get seamless access to the leading mobile casino, Wild JackMobile Casino and in turn, enabling them to turn their traffic intorevenue. As one of the first and most popular mobile casinos to launch, Wild JackMobile Casino features 14 fun and exciting casino games including therecently launched Scratch ‘n’ Score, 3 Card Poker, Jacks or Better, PubFruity, Baccarat, three progressive jackpot slots; Major Millions,Treasure Nile and Fruit Fiesta, and the awesome Tomb Raider(TM), as wellas eternal favourites, Roulette and Blackjack. We pride ourselves on being atthe forefront of mobile gambling, always offering our players new,exciting games and constantly enhancing the user experience. About Wild Jack Mobile Casino ( Wild Jack Mobile Casino (WJMC) is among the first ‘fully functional’mobile casinos to be launched on a wireless platform, providing mobilephone users the ability to play exciting casino games directly andinstantly from their handsets

Online gambling: Will Massachusetts legalize Internet betting sites?

Earlier this week, the state’s Division of Gaming Enforcement announced that PokerStars has completed its application for a gaming license. Opponents argue that passage of such legislation would essentially place a casino in every household with an Internet connection. Last year, Maryland Live a casino operator disclosed that it has submitted a Category 2 license to operate a betting parlor in the state. Thus, they argue it should be legalized, regulated, and ultimately taxed.

Originally published on Technorati

An attendee uses an iPad during day 3 of Graduate Fashion Week 2014 at The Old Truman Brewery on June 2, 2014 in London, England.

Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

However, it remains to be seen whether Massachusetts will legalize Internet gambling. The state ranks second in the nation with more than $80 billion in state debt. The state has 90 days to review the application. In addition to record deficits, the state faces $2 billion in unpaid bills to vendors in 2014. A maximum of three online poker operator licenses would be granted and it would be valid for ten years.

The popular online poker site is being represented by lobbyist John Kelly, Jr., president and owner of All-Circo Inc., according to Cards Chat. Kelly is advocating the legalization of online betting sites with state and national politicians.

In 2013, lawmakers in Massachusetts have introduced amendments to a bill that would grant licenses to online poker operators, according to Gaming Intelligence. Justice Department shut down PokerStars, Full Tilt, and similar Texas Holdem sites.

Illinois is also considering legalizing online poker due to massive unfunded pension liabilities for its unionized public employees. Some industry pundits believe that legalization of online betting could lead to the development of mobile and social apps that enable users to gamble on their devices.

Recent market signals indicate that Massachusetts is seriously considering expanding its casino base. The bill is sponsored by 18 politicians two years after the U.S. . Last month, a state lawmaker inserted technical language to Senate Bill 1739 that would allow PokerStars and Full Tilt to operate sanctioned online portals. However, officials in Massachusetts argue that the federal law is not effective at stopping thousands of its citizens from playing internet poker through illegal offshore-based sites. Its not clear whether those expenses went towards lobbying efforts.

In 2006, congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 which outlawed Internet betting sites. Similarly, Penn National Gaming also announced that it has recently spent $1.9 million in development costs to establish similar operations in Massachusetts. Officials estimate that legalized online betting would bring in between $400 million and $1 billion in taxable revenue.

New Jersey is also desperate for cash after seeing its unfunded pension liabilities increase to $47.2 billion in 2012. Industry insiders believe the advocacy will play a key fundraising role in what is expected to be a highly contentious 2014 midterm elections.

Since the measures in Massachusetts and Illinois are still pending, New Jersey could be the first state in America to issue an online gambling license. Under the new proposal, any online poker operator would have to receive a Category 3 license.

Massachusetts is following in the footsteps of Illinois and New Jersey in considering granting gambling licenses to betting websites

Betting odds move further in favour of Britain remaining in EU

LONDON Feb 20 Betting odds have moved furtherin favour of Britain remaining a member of the European Unionafter Prime Minister David Cameron struck a deal with other EUleaders, Ladbrokes said on Saturday.

The bookmaker said betting odds indicated there was now a 69percent chance of Britain remaining in the EU with a 31 percentchance of Britain leaving.

“The talks in Brussels left punters with little option otherthan to back the remain odds,” Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes saidin a statement. (Reporting by Guy Faulconbridge; editing by Kate Holton)

The Evolution of Video Poker

His latest website is all about the many variations of Video Poker. You then select the card(s) you wish to hold. It started out when casinos noticed that many people liked to play cards but were too scared to actually sit down at a poker table. Also, and more importantly, Online poker allows you to bluff, meaning in theory, if you’re a good enough bluffer, you can have the worst hand at the table but still win, if you’ve been able to convince your opponents to fold. Here we’ll take a look at some of the more important developments in the video poker world.

Multi Hand Video Poker is like “normal” video poker on steroids. Currently there are 11 different Power Poker Games in 4, 10 and 50 hand versions. The difference is in the payout of the royal flush. The Games come in 4, 10, 50, and even 100 hand versions. Common variations include Jacks or Better (of course), 10’s Or Better, Deuces Wild and more. There is no predetermined payout schedule, you can win as much as your opponents are willing to wager on each hand. Multi Hand Video Poker

The Evolution of Video Poker

by: David Olsen

Video poker has been around for over 30 years. Winning hands are determined by a redefined payout schedule.

David Olsen has been writing about online casinos and casino strategy for over five years and is considered an authority in the online gambling world. The remaining cards are discarded and new cards replace the discarded ones. Playing Power Poker is like playing the single hand version of the game. Progressive Video Poker

Lastly, as you can see, video poker continues to evolve. Video poker allowed these players to play poker without having to look their opponents in the eye. Today a poker player can sit down at a virtual table with players from around the world. Multi hand video poker is an exciting twist on standard single hand video poker. Often times, progressive jackpots build through multiple casinos, so potentially the pot can be huge. You start with the same 5 cards in each hand. With the explosion of online casinos Video Pokers popularity grew exponentially. Today, most online casinos have at least one multi-hand version.

2. In video poker you are playing against a machine, winning and losing hands are determined by a static payout schedule. When playing a Progressive machine, it’s crucial to play the max coins on every play, that’s the only way to win the jackpot. . Progressive Video poker follows the same rules as a non-progressive version of the same game. However, when you’re playing online poker, you are playing against real people. As its name implies, you’re playing more then one hand at a time. This growth in turn led to the development of new versions of video poker. Online Poker Rooms

About The Author

Online Poker is not technically a video poker; however, since there are obvious similarities between the two, I felt a brief overview should be included here. What started out as a game for would-be poker players who were too intimidated to sit down at a real table, has, with the advent of Online Poker, come full circle. Power Poker

Progressive Video Poker is yet another exciting variation of good old video poker. Visit to learn more about Progressive Video Poker, Online Poker, Multi-hand Video Poker and Power Poker

This article was posted on October 02, 2005

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1. This is the main reason for the huge popularity in online poker.


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4. Amazing…

Power Poker is Microgaming’s version of Multi-Hand Video Poker and is probably the most popular multi-hand version on the web

Online Gambling Ban Doomed to Fail

I found that illegal bookmakers utilize policies that exacerbate the potential harm of gambling. First, they offer short-term credit, and allow bettors to wager for a week or longer without fronting any money. soil to escape its influence, it will become harder and harder to legalize Internet gaming in the future as the bookmakers get ensconced in their offshore locations.

A far more sensible policy would be to legalize Internet bookmakers. The bookmakers understand this tendency and”price discriminate” (search)against such bettors: They charge them a higher price for their Yankees bets. While these bans are primarily enforced by states, the federal government does get involved if wagers cross state lines or there is an alleged involvement of organized crime. The on-street bookmakers have experience in providing and servicing financial credit, which would be difficult for the Internet books to provide given the difficulty of enforcing a debt contract from afar. A legalized regime is a better way to mitigate the potential dangers of Internet betting.

To begin, let’s take a closer look at betting on major sports, which is currently illegal in all states besides Nevada, regardless of whether it involves the Internet. Such interaction will help reinforce the influence of the illegal sector and will exacerbate the perceived problems of sports betting, such as facilitating money laundering.

Second, prohibition will drive the Internet operators further from the U.S. There is already evidence that Internet operations have started to pay their illegal on-shore cousins to run their credit business. They know that many bettors are fans of certain teams. As bookmakers move further from U.S. It is perhaps understandable that such an option is rarely considered. This would allow policies to be put in place that could limit the potential excesses of gambling and minimize the role of the criminal element. A similar ban on all Internet-based sports betting also is likely to fail. I recently completed an analysis of illegalbookmakers (search)in New York City using actual records seized in a series of arrests by the Kings County (Brooklyn) District Attorney office. An important feature of the Internet is that it makes physical distance largely irrelevant, and from a bettor’s perspective it is just as convenient to wager on-line with an Antigua bookmaker as with one down the street. citizens operate from bases in countries as diverse as Antigua, Costa Rica and Australia.

Presuming the current attempts at prohibiting Internet sports betting persist, what might we expect to see? First, there will be a growing alliance between Internet bookmakers and the more traditional illegal bookmaker. Gambling is a subject that many feel passionately about. This is illustrated by a close examination of one of the most popular forms of gambling: sports betting. This is nearly 100 times the amount bet on professional sports with legal bookmakers in Nevada.

The sheer size of the illegal sports betting markets only tells part of the story. While price discrimination does have an important role to play in free markets, it is likely that consistent use of it would be precluded if sports betting was legalized and above-board.

Right now, Internet gambling is proliferating. A recently completed report from theNational Gambling Impact Study Commission (search)estimates that individuals wager between $80 and $380 billion dollars with illegal bookmakers. In the case of the bookmakers I have records for, about a quarter of the bettors appear to be New York Yankees fans who wager consistently on their team. Most of the bettors in my records would be consideredcompulsive gamblers (search), wagering almost every day and laying hundreds of dollars at a time.

Second, illegal bookmakers take advantage of people’s mistakes. Because Internet gaming operations are often located outside of the U.S., there is little Washington can do to restrict their actions.

Moreover, a prohibition policy has perverse effects and encourages the behavior it seeks to curtail. So how successful has this regime of prohibition been at eliminating sports betting? By almost any measure it is a failure. Internet operations catering to U.S.

With the steady rise of commercial activity on the Internet, Congress has been moving toward a formal prohibition ofonline gambling (search).

While such policies might spring from a moral viewpoint, they are unlikely to succeed in limiting online betting. But the argument for legalization and regulation should have appeal for opponents and supporters of gambling alike.

Koleman Strumpf, associate professor of economics at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, is a visiting fellow at the Cato Institute.

. As side benefits, a legalized regime would likely displace the widespread illegal operations. There is a large demand forsports betting (search), and a large illegal sector has arisen to provide this activity despite a long-standing policy of prohibition

In Britain, Odds Are On The Odd

The answer, reports CBS News correspondent Mark Phillips, is that you can legally bet on all of them in Britain.

“You can bet, if you want, if the queen will abdicate before the end of the next year,” says Graham Sharpe of William Hill Bookmakers. And that’s just what the bookies are betting on. “

Copyright 2004 CBS. At Yorkshire’s Cruckley Farm, “Squeal of Fortune,” the latest betting craze game show, is shot.

It’s almost as if the demand to bet has outstripped the supply of things to bet on. You can bet that (Prince) Charles and Camilla (Parker Bowles) will get married before the end of next year; that’s currently a 10-to-1 shot. And so TV has stepped in, in ways that you wouldn’t have bet on.

And if betting on the porkers gets a little tiresome, there are always the rodents. And none of it has hurt the traditional betting industry with its larger animals, complicated odds and eccentric bookies.

With betting so easy here, money also pours in from abroad, including from the U.S. “That’s a 33-to-1 chance. Betting, huge on the track, has been legal off-track in Britain for decades, with betting shops that are a fixture on every shopping street.

In the end, the bookmakers are selling greed dreams of getting rich quick.

What do horses, pigs, President Bush, Sen. You can bet that Prince Charles will become a father again within the next however many years you want to make it; that’s a 20-to-1shot within a year and a half.”

The Gerbil and Piggy betting channel is on 24 hours a day. John Kerry, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles all have in common?

No, it’s not a joke. Basically, you can bet on anything.

“We’ve even got bets on the books that eventually Hillary Clinton will get the presidency, says Sharpe. In Gerbil Roulette, odds are offered on which box the little guy will go into first.

You can bet on horses and dogs in many countries, but in Britain, you also can bet on piggies. Now, they have branched out beyond wagers on the traditional races and sporting events. “Or that Will Smith will be president, Arnold Schwartzenegger will be president – obviously that will require a change of law. All rights reserved. Presidential election. And you can bet on more than just the current race between Republican President Bush and Democratic challenger John Kerry.

In the TV show that gives a whole new meaning to bringing home the bacon, the trick is to find a pig, stick a number on its belly and bet on which little piggy comes up.. Hundreds of thousands of dollars ride on the whim of a rodent.

Among the contests pulling in lots of betting money these days is a horse race now almost too close to call — the U.S

Is Fantasy Football Just Another Form of Online Gambling?

They promote the idea that with just a little bit of research on injury reports, match-up histories, and the like….players can gain an advantage on the gambling house and make away with oodles of cash. Both companies claim to use specially-designed software that can “identify and interrupt” obsessive and compulsive fantasy team owners/ users. For instance, many of the top performing DFS players make no secret of the fact they often use regression analysis, machine learning techniques, point-spread analysis and a host of other numerical techniques to get the edge over their competitors.

Fast forward to the present day. Back then, Fantasy Sports was a technical niche that was on no one’s radar; therefore the law made no mention of it.

Advocates for the Fantasy Sports industry argue vehemently that DFS is mostly a game of skill with a small element of luck involved. Funny enough, this the exact same dialogue that the Fantasy Sports operations use on their client base.


As mentioned before, according to the the language of the UIGEA, the issue of whether or not fantasy sports games can be considered online gambling or not depends on to what extent the fantasy sport is a game of chance or a game of skill.

Moreover, industry leaders Fan Duel and Draft Kings claim that they actively combat gambling addiction and work actively to prevent unhealthy interaction with their product. The legal sports gambling institutions that operate in Delaware and Nevada often argue that there is a skill component to wagering on outcome of sporting events. And to be fair, there is a lot of evidence to back up their claims. The act banned all wagering on sporting events at the time except in the two states where it was already legal (Delaware and Nevada). According to these advocates, the outcome of most if not all fantasy sports tournaments can be determined by the “accumulated statistical results” of sporting events. Yet, as the amount of money that is being wagered on fantasy sports mounts and the number of losers increases; many users are left feeling like they’re in a typical casino setting.

compared to Traditional sports betting:

Probably the most distressing argument comes from Fantasy Sports’ comparison to traditional Sports betting (which is illegal in all states except Nevada and Delaware). In 1992, Congress passed the Professional and Amateur Protection Act

mortgage/loan problems with online gambling.?

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