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“I’ll be right back.” And with that, he handed me the lead rope attached to the halter of Secretariat, perhaps the greatest racehorse of all time, winner of the Triple Crown in 1973.

Felix Francis is the son of the late Dick Francis, who was the bestselling author of more than 40 mystery novels.

Siena’s Palio is one of the most difficult and ancient bareback horse races in the world with origins dating back centuries. Queso lover, Auburn Tiger, Southern by nature, San Francisco by nurture.

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“Here, hold the horse,” said the aging groom. Nevertheless, congratulations to American Pharoah on winning the equestrian Triple Crown.

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Rattling around late at night in an empty Siena, I found myself curbside at the craziest horse race in the world, the Palio. If you’re open-minded however, watch the Kentucky Derby this year. An eager crowd watches in awe as she proceeds to swallow roughly a foot-and-a…

If it’s springtime in America, there are few places lovelier to be than Lexington, Kentucky. This year is no different, the Millennials have taken American Pharoah as their own on his trip to win the Triple Crown.

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I saw my first Belmont Stakes in 1972 when Riva Ridge prevailed by seven lengths. It’s steeped in history.. Kentucky’s native spirit, bourbon, is proudly boosted around the region.

The prized derby is this weekend in Churchill Downs and hat makers everywhere are having their yearly rush. For him, there is no “one” subject that he photographs; he chooses to shoot what he sees.

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Horse racing represents the two things I hate most: animal abuse and rich white people celebrating. The place feels organic, authentic, warm and inviting. I even saw Secretariat win the Triple Crown, the Holy Grail of horse racing.

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Lexington is horse country in every sense of the word and, on my drive from the airport, I was enthralled with the spectacular scenery: the rolling hills of Kentucky’s famed Blue Grass region with pretty red barns, fields and meadows.

The unique blend of locals and visitors stops the Distillery District from being a tourist trap like New York’s South Street Seaport. You just might begin to understand why the rich, famous and enlightened love it.

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Award-Winning photographer/author, in LA from NY. The city by that name is well worth visiting, but it is in the surrounding hillsides that you find the soul of the place, especially between April and October. We went again the following year to majestic Belmont Park and every year after that for the next 15 years to see the Belmont Stakes. But it’s not just whether you think you deserve the top job, it’s whether your board of directors thinks you deserve it.

Let’s be honest, for most people, horse racing will always be a niche, exclusive sport. The Kentucky Derby brings the best horses …

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At some point, virtually every ambitious executive asks this question. According to a recent global study a remarkable 87% of managers aspire to the corner office. Held annually in July and August, it attracts thousands of Italians and foreign visitors.

Triple Crown winners, like Secretariat, Affirmed and Seattle Slew, are revered.

My wife Liz and I knew nothing about horse racing at the time, but in our minds, we thought, why not? We soon learned that the owners had undersold the ability of the horse, he was more than “pretty good.”

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