Fire Bet Now Available for “Craps No More”

Fire Bet is now available in two pay table options. While in Las Vegas for G2E see the

Fire Bet live at Harrah’s, Rio, Caesar’s Palace, Planet Hollywood,

Bally’s, Las Vegas Hilton, Green Valley Ranch, Cannery Eastside,

Cannery, Rampart Casino, Paris, Gold Coast, Riviera, Flamingo, Imperial

Palace, Fiesta Rancho, O’Shea’s, Aliante, Fiesta Henderson, Bill’s

Casino, Santa Fe Station, Texas Station and Terrible’s.

. The company’s patented Prop Box, which has been acclaimed for

its ability to increase decisions per hour, game protection and the

marketability of certain popular prop bets, is now available on the

Craps No More (crapless craps) version.

For more information on Fire Bet visit

or call Perry Stasi (702) 498-0986. The original pay

table of 25 for 1 (4 Individual points made), 250 for 1 (5 Individual

points made) or 1000 for 1 (6 or More Individual points made)

respectively, and its recently introduced pay table offering 7 for 1 (3

individual points made), 30 for 1 (4 Individual points made), 150 for 1

(5 Individual points made) and 300 for 1 (6 or More Individual points

made) respectively.

As is the Fire Bet for traditional craps, the Fire Bet side wager for

Craps No More also will be available in Nevada, Iowa, Michigan,

Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, Mississippi, Kansas, Missouri,

Pennsylvania, Delaware, Indiana, West Virginia and Louisiana as well as


“We’ve responded to a number of requests from the 70 plus casinos,

throughout 14 gaming jurisdictions, that currently use the Fire Bet on

their traditional craps tables, for a Craps

No More variation,” said Perry Stasi, president of Hopbet,

Inc., the creators of the Fire Bet.


Bet, the gaming industry’s most popular craps

side bet, is now available for Craps No More, a variation of the

traditional craps game that is becoming increasingly popular at many

U.S. casinos.

Since its introduction in 2003, Fire Bet has proven to be an exciting

player attraction with participation rates three to four times higher

than that of other craps side wagers on the market.

The Fire

Bet pay table for Craps No More is the same as it is for traditional craps

Learn How to Play Craps Online!

This allows you to focus on the rules of the game rather than worrying about making actual bets. The other people at the table can bet on the outcome of the shooters dice throw. If the shooter throws an 11 or a 7, it is a win. The first throw of the dice is called the shoot out. The puck has two sides, the black side which is for “off” bets and a white side which is for “on” bets. Many of those not familiar with how to play craps may think the game too complicated, but it is actually a fairly simple game once you learn a few tips.

When learning how to play craps, keep in mind that only one player throws the dice. The shooter does not want to roll the point number or a 7. If the shooter know throws a 7, he loses. There is also a wide wealth of information available on the game, including strategies.

If any other number shows up at this point, the puck is turned to the white side and put on the same number the player shot with the dice. Let’s look at some of the more common topics associated with this great dice game.

New players are often advised to stay with the broad bets until they get more accustomed to the game. Doing so means he loses control of the dice. If you bet the Pass Line, you are betting that either a 7 or 11 will appear on the first dice throw. If a If 2, 3 or 12 appears, you lose.

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As you are learning how to play craps, you will notice a variety of betting options on the table. A black side means the game is not “ongoing” at the time. Spend a few minutes leaning how to play carps, you will have years of fun ahead of you.

Visit this site to learn How To Play Craps without pressure! Enjoy this wonderful game now!. If the shooter throws a 2, 3, or boxcars (12) he or she loses immediately. At this point, the rules change. Most broad bets payout at 1:1. Specific bets offer a higher payout while broad bets offer a lower payout. This means each opposing end of the table mirrors the other end. Generally, the game is played in casinos, either online or offline, but it is also played by many in home games. He or she still keeps the dice and can throw a second time.

You also learn the meaning of the puck. This player is known at the shooter. If the puck is on the white face, the game is ongoing. This means for every dollar bet (and won), one dollar is received.

One of the best ways to learn how to play craps is to watch a few games without actually playing. This dice game is loved by millions and for several reasons. He or she also continues to control the dice. Other bets to learn include Come Line, Don’t Come, Don’t Pass and Odds Bet. Behind the two ends are other betting options. This is called “craps”. On today’s tables, players will find a double layout.

The first you will most likely notice when learning how to play craps is the layout of the table. This now becomes the “point”. If the point number appears before a 7, he wins.

Learning How To Play Craps can be exciting and rewarding

Casino-Gaming :: Learn Casino Craps: What Are the Pieces of a Craps Table?

Along the top edge of the bed is a continuous Padded Rail on which the players can lean. After all, the casino doesn’t want players to walk away simply because their feet and knees hurt. The boxman uses a Paddle to push the money through the slot into the money box that’s attached to the underside of the bed. The bowl is usually made of clear acrylic or wood.

Adjacent to the padded rail is the wooden Chip Rack, which is usually two-racks deep with dividers about every 12-to-16 inches. The money slot is about 3/8-inch wide and about 3 inches long, which is just the right size for pushing bills down into the drop box. They just can’t. Special designs and patterns can be incorporated into the layout to match the casino’s theme. This rule ensures the dice hit the pyramid rubber, thereby, preventing anyone from controlling the outcome of a dice roll. Obviously, the casino wants players at the table as long as possible.

On the inner side of the bed across from the dealers and boxman is a mirror about 8 inches wide that runs the length of the table. (That’s where the term “boxman” came from.)

Now you know all the components of a craps table! The more you know, the more confident you’ll be when you walk up to a table. Buttons help the dealer, boxman, and the eye-in-the-sky keep track of players’ bets.

The stickman controls a small bowl that rests on the tabletop against the wall directly in front of the stickman. The biggest and most obvious part of the table is the bed. The area on the outer edge of the layout is called the Apron.

Also considered part of a craps table are the Puck and Buttons. As the name implies, this is where players place their drinks. The felt can be any color depending on the casino’s specifications. The boxman can easily see if a player is cheating by “palming” the dice, trying to introduce a crooked pair into the game.

If you’ve ever walked through a casino, you’ve probably seen a craps table, but have you ever wondered what a craps table actually is? What does it comprise, what are its components?

Rubber material lines the inside wall of the bed and is called Rail Rubber. The ON/OFF puck (white for the ON side, black for the OFF side) is used simply to indicate whether a new game is in progress. If a game is in progress, the puck is turned on its ON side and placed in the appropriate number box on the layout to indicate the “point” for the current game. Casinos have a rule that a player must “hit the back wall” when tossing the dice. Casino craps tables are generally available in 8-foot, 10-foot, or 12-foot lengths. When a new game starts, the stickman dumps the unused dice onto the table and uses his stick (or whip) to push them all (usually 6 or 8) to the next shooter. Not only do spills make a big mess on the layout (which the casino has to pay to get cleaned), spills delay the game which digs into the casino’s profits. Drink glasses and bottles are not allowed on the Padded Rail because of the risk of spillage onto the layout. This is the part of the table with all the little pyramids or spikes that are specially designed to randomly deflect the dice. The shooter then selects two that she thinks are lucky, and then the stickman pulls the remaining dice back and puts them in bowl. (Please read my other articles about the silly notion of “dice control” or “dice setting.”)

Inside the bed is the Table Layout with all the numbers and boxes onto which the players’ chips are placed. Common colors are green, blue, and sometimes red. This Dice Bowl (or Dice Boat) simply holds the extra dice that are not in play. Regardless of what you hear, read, or see at a live craps table, no one (NO ONE!) can consistently control the outcome of a craps roll when the dice hit the pyramid rubber. Cigarette ashtrays are also placed on the Drink Rail.

Cut into the table layout in front of the boxman is a Money Slot for the Money Drop Box. Small buttons about the size of a quarter are used to indicate whether a player’s bets are off or on, or whether a certain type of bet is a “buy” or “lay.” Each button has one word engraved in it, either OFF, ON, BUY, or LAY. The dividers separate the chip rack into individual sections for the players.

Along the outer perimeter is a little shelf called a Drink Rail. The mirror allows the dealers and boxman to see the palm side of the player’s tossing hand. Standing at a craps table for long periods of time can become tiresome for the player, so the padded rail allows the players to rest or change body positions to ease the stress. Below the rail rubber on each inside end of the table is a 6-to-8-inch wide piece of Pyramid Rubber. The more confident you are, the less likely the dealers will steer you down the wrong path by enticing you to make bets with high house advantages.

. If a new game is about to start, the puck is turned to the OFF side