Company Profile for Global Betting & Gaming Consultants

The latest

review published October 2008 extends to over 1000 pages.

Projects have included market research/assessments, business/facility

planning, product evaluations, design/operational reviews, the

development/review of corporate strategies, license applications,

regulation development for and on behalf of governments, IPOs, M and A

and due diligence. This is monitored on a daily

basis with a newsfeed service being provided at

Lorien Pilling


GBGC’s combination of operational and

financial experience combined with our gambling industry focus, our

extensive network of contacts and that fact that we are regarded as an

independent commentator on the industry means that we are able to

scratch the surface and get to the bottom of issues which can sometimes

be clouded by data alone.

With an international focus GBGC are able to offer clients an additional

perspective gained from researching markets, working on projects and

attending/speaking at conferences around the world.

In addition to its consultancy GBGC has produced four reviews of the

global gambling market that have been widely acknowledged to be the best

available both in terms of both their detail and accuracy. We have advised the Government of Botswana on the

implementation of their new Gambling Act.




COO: Mark Pilkington

Our client base ranges from leading financial institutions such as UBS

and Dresdner Kleinwort to William Hill plc

2nd Floor , 8-10 Malew Street

Castletown, OTHER IM9 1AB

United Kingdom


Main Telephone:

The statistics and forecasts that are contained within the Global

Gambling Report have become widely recognised, within the industry, the

financial community and the Media, as the industry standard for sizing

both the online and offline gambling markets. The company has work

with or supplied information to over 400 clients the majority of whom

are ‘blue chip’.


Global Betting and Gaming Consultants



Key Executives:




Head Of Research: Lorien Pilling

–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Global Betting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC) was established by its

Chief Executive and founder Warwick Bartlett during 1998. In addition to monitoring all of the

specialist industry press, both domestic and international, the company

also benefits from a daily electronic press cutting service that covers

more than 2,000 publications worldwide. Bartlett has

an extensive track record in the gambling industry spanning some 40




Type of Organization:

GBGC also provided the data on Internet gambling to lawyers representing

the government of Antigua in its case against the United States at the


. As a result in this

instance we would be able to offer knowledge of the European, Australian

North & South American and Asian gambling markets.


Public Relations


CEO: Warwick Bartlett

In addition GBGC could offer the added value of the knowledge of over

200 additional betting, gaming and lottery markets around the world and

would be able to instantly highlight any relevant comparators, etc. As a result they have a much more in

depth understanding of the key issues and the direction that market




Bartlett was advisor to The Government of Malta for two years and our

advice helped Malta establish itself as the leading off shore gambling

jurisdiction. GBGC

also keeps abreast of all the latest corporate news in the sector as the

company publishes the quarterly GBGC50 and iGBGC indices.


Public Relations


Headquarters Address:

GBGC’s personnel spend all of their time

looking at the gambling market. Typically clients include, operators,

monopolies/lotteries, suppliers, investment banks, the major

consultancies, and governments.

GBGC’s tracks market data, regulation and

industry news as it happens. Consequently GBGC are the

most widely quoted source of industry data in share prospectuses and

analysts’ notes as well as on TV/Radio and in publications as diverse as

the Financial Times, Forbes, Time Magazine, BBC Radio 4, BBC Breakfast,

ITN news, the Economist and Fortune magazine.

Warwick Bartlett


GBGC has established itself as the most credible specialist

international gambling consultancy in the world

Secrets And Tips On How To Win At Any Type Of Gambling

If people can not afford to lose their money, stay away from gambling.

Watch the trend, people should be attentive to their winning and losing trends. A person can have the edge by investing on good books or download tips and secrets on the Internet. Use only one value chip in case a lost occurs in one round, add another chip to the wager. . Although, never expect to win all the time, which barely happens. This is the way to a big payoff.

Being optimistic will muster some confidence in that person and they will win those dollars. Get the probability and ratio of their winnings and losing. Some of his websites are,,

Always check the odds, and choose a betting game that has 3 percent or less casino advantage.

Set a minimum bet in every game, and after a win, bet only half of the pot that was wagered in the previous round.

Stick to a strategy, and pick a strategy that works best. As the old cliché goes, knowledge is power. On every win, decrease the bet by 2 chips.

Contrary to the usual belief that people gamble solely on pure chance and luck, adding in a little mathematics and some proven game strategies will not hurt. In fact, it can guarantee a person a good pay out.

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There are some secrets to win any kind of gambling. Among others, popular games are poker and black jack and craps.

For example black jack, it is just like poker, there is a strategy card that a person can refer to beat the other players.

Learn about the game, read related materials of the game such as basic rules and tips. There is no such thing as the greatest strategy but there are proven ones.

Keep in mind that winning does not mean a person has to win a bet every time. Collate all known gaming strategies and select the one that is effective and works. Doing so, a person bets more on the winning hands than they would do for the losing hands. Use it rather than straight betting. When a person loses, go back to the least bet. This is often regarded as progressive betting.

Do not be overly greedy, because being greedy might give a person a couple of dollars more, but being overly greedy might cause that person to lose all their money. There are hundreds of gambling games that people can try for themselves. If a person thinks that they are on the brink of losing, then do not bet. If a person wins a bet twice in a row, go back on betting one chip. It is not much fun when a person is always on the losing end. His numerous articles found on the Internet, provide useful and factual seo and sem information and insight. What matters more are their total net winnings?

Gambling can be full of excitement and fun. Casinos, poker rooms, sports betting, or even arbitrage betting and if a person picks one type, master it. A person can make some serious money at betting, and people have even become very rich from gambling. A person will lose some money, and win some money. This attitude would keep a person betting until they get some good winnings.

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By: James M Murray

Know the right type of gambling to choose

Advice :: Internet Addiction |

There are individuals who like to use the internet as a method of escape from their daily lives. This can be skyrocketing bills from gambling or substances. Internet addiction is completely curable and there’s no reason to endure it any longer.

Fighting Internet Addiction

Any addiction becomes an actual “addiction” when it negatively affects the lives of both the addict and all those around them. Some may have complete alter identities through the internet. Jekyll / Mr. They watch their loved ones morph into someone else. It may be issues at school with children. Many internet addicts, however, aren’t classified with any of these more typical vices. Internet addiction has taken so many years to become established due to the disbelief many have over its legitimacy. This form of addiction is completely psychological. Internet addiction is not the same and it’s consequences can be far more devastating. If you try to talk to them, you will be ignored. It may be a private method for indulging in what is actually a gambling or pornography addiction. Most internet addicts do have an ulterior motive for being online so much. Hyde.” They are horrible to live with offline, but as long as they have that connection, they are relatively normal.

It’s fairly easy to spot internet addiction. The best time to act is now. They must not only endure the emotional “mess” they must clean up after their loved one.. What is it that causes this? What are the symptoms? Many people mistakenly believe it’s merely a penchant for checking email or losing track of time while playing a game. The most important step is to force the individual to see there is a serious problem.

The greatest tragedy to it all is that those around the addicted individual are the real victims. The addicted individual withdraws from real people and becomes more focused with individuals they know online. They see the mood swings and make excuses to others. They may exhibit personality qualities much like “Dr. They often make excuses to stay home more, but when they are home, they may seem apprehensive or depressed until they can find a good reason to go online.

It often requires professional help to break internet addiction.

They want complete privacy when they are online. Many will not even stop to talk with people who are visiting. Substance abusers may find it easier to purchase their drug of choice through the internet. It may be serious problems in the workplace due to inattention or inactivity. The “fix” is pretending to be someone else.

Internet addiction is a very real condition that affects households worldwide