I might as well just get this out. I am almost 30, but I still feel like I am in High School. Co workers disrespect me because they feel that I am physcially weaker than them. I am insulted and made fun of, almost like bullying. What do I do?

it just seems that way sometimes:)

good luck and

dont take their shit anymore dont waste your time

with silly peoples games

your worth a lot more!!!


you need to get ASSERTIVE!!

Play it cool dont be affected by their behaviour


you could move jobs


you could talk to a superior at work to sort out the problem

either way dont worry

people any age can still behave as though theyre in high school, bullying never stops from certain environments especially big companies where there is a social hierachy

try to keep a clear head, build up your confidence and talk to friends and family for their input too

most of all distract yourself by throwing yourself into a current or new hobby where you can get back on top.. it shouldnt and dosnt matter what others think.

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